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Abdominal Rolls - Golf Fitness

This easy to perform exercise helps increase flexibility between the upper and lower body.

This is a vital movement in order to perform a good and repeatable swing without injury.

We like this exercise as it helps isolate and train the feeling with minimal body strain.

It targets the abdominals and core.

How to perform the abdominal roll

Start by lying flat on your back with your knees bent ninety degrees.

Get your body to the point where your calves and feet are resting on the Swiss Ball.

Hold your arms out to your sides with your hands about head high.

This arm position gives good stability.

Slowly rotate the ball to one side.

Rotate the hips as far as you can without losing contact with the ground.

Shoulders and hands remain flat on the floor.

Repeat on the opposite other side.

Abdominal Rolls Right
Abdominal Rolls

Abdominal Rolls Right
Abdominal Rolls Right

Abdominal Rolls Top
Abdominal Rolls Top

Abdominal Rolls Left
Abdominal Rolls Left

As demonstrated by:

Theo Heinrich our Gets Golf PGA Academy trainer.

Powerblast Training.

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