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Major Champion - Stepping out differently thanks to Hoka

Vijay Singh a previous world number 1 and multiple Major winner stepped out at the Masters in a pair of Hoka trail shoes.


The funky colour and step away from the traditional golf shoes raised an eyebrow or two.

Now we understand Vijay wears these shoes due to foot and injury problems, but we have seen in the past few years a move towards a more comfortable foot experience on the course.

Hoka are one of the best and have the outdoor performance credentials to match.

Is it worth the look to move to such an option?

GETS Golf has a look at this specific shoe and name a few other comfortable options on the market.

The likes of the Hoka trail shoes we feel may be finding their way more and more onto the feet of golfers.

Hoka Tecton X 2 has been redesigned to create an even lighter shoe.

It has a new upper called the Matryx which Hoka say makes the shoe.

  • Lighter

  • More breathable

  • Improved hydrophobic properties

The Tecton X 2 is designed as a trail runner engineered to perform over multiple different terrains. A golf course would be a walk in the park for such shoes. With grip, support, and comfort in its DNA the only question to ask for a golfer is would it provide proper water repellent properties. Would it provide enough traction in wet conditions, we have played in Hoka trail shoes and have never found an issue in this regard.

The shoe provides extra cushioning with thick midsoles to help alleviate pressures from ground forces. The Hoka provides specific foot-framing features that cradle the foot and secure the heel with each step. 

Golf shoes that break away from the norm, a few of our favourites are listed below:

It will take a bit of time for a trail shoe like the Hoka Tecton X 2 to offer the possible traction support a golf shoe does through the swing, but they are not looking in this direction yet.

If it is good enough for a previous Major Champion and World number 1 it should be good enough for most golfers as they are.

If a brand like Hoka does design a golf shoe it would prove to be a very exciting space for golfers in the future.

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