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Putting represents the biggest opportunity for players to lower their scores.

Gets Golf coaching academy will improve your putting and create a results-oriented training program to help

you get better, in the art of putting.

Are you ready to take
charge of your putting game
and bring it to the next level?

Putting represents the biggest opportunity for players to lower their scores; 45% of the strokes taken are strokes made with a putter. Wellputt has created results-oriented training aids that are available to start helping you get better at Golf today, especially in the art of putting.

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The Wellstroke, co-created with Olivier “The Church” Léglise, is a highly innovative putting stroke guide that’s been designed to develop the key components of an optimal putting stroke. Weekly training on your Wellstroke will enable you to reproduce a putting stroke that delivers a square face to the path through impact, makes solid contact with the ball in the “sweet-spot”, and rolls it end over end along your intended start line every time; all of which equates to you, making more putts!

Putting Training Mats

Our putting training mats accurately replicate a medium-to-fast putting green speed and come with innovative visual training aids embedded in the surface that are designed to fine tune your consistency and accuracy on the dance floor. Regular training on your Wellputt mat, along with the application, will help you acquire the ideal gesture by developing your muscle memory.


Big Tilt

The BigTilt is a complete putting training solution that provides a player with the opportunity to develop the "Make-it-mindset" by training feel and vision on various slopes from 0% to 5% alongside the Well-line projection system that projects 3 different lines of break according to 3 different speeds. In addition, a player can connect to the BigTilt Pro Max app to access a buffet of exercises and putting drills designed to challenge them in further developing the 3 key pillars of successful putting; Technique, Feel and Performance.


Wellputt is a global company that’s renowned for their premium putting mats with an unparalleled rolling performance, but also have developed a reputation as experts in customization. Customers have the opportunity to create a custom Wellputt mat, a unique training area or fitting surface, and a personalized Wellstroke. Wellputt’s Custom products are the ultimate option to promote your golf shop, academy, or company brand. The Wellputt design team is dedicated to bringing your custom desires to life, so go all in with no limit in size, color or quantity!

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Cameron McCormick

2015 PGA

"Wellputt Allows all golfers to progress quickly with innovative concepts"


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