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Junior Academy

Holistic and Comprehensive

At GETS Golf Academy, we offer professional golf instruction for all ages. We specialize in junior golf and have developed a unique Junior Golf Academy tailored to help young golfers reach their full potential. Our team of PGA Professionals have the experience and skill necessary to work with golfers to help them improve their game and become successful on the course.

Our Junior Academy takes a holistic approach to the game, focusing on the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of golf, as well as technical instruction. With a combination of practice, instruction, and competition, we are confident that our junior golfers will reach their goals and enjoy a long and successful golf career.

Industry leading facilities

We are based at Randpark Club. 

Our students practice and play on some of the best short game practice facilities in the country. Our two-tier floodlit Range is weatherproof allowing uninterrupted coaching year round.​

  • Two-tier range - Weatherproof and floodlit

  • Outdoor coaching - Expansive short game practice facilities

  • Championship courses - Firethorn and Bushwillow

D85_6108 copy 2_edited.jpg

Industry leading technology

We have some of the leading golf technology in the business. Our range is smart and powered by Inrange. 

By blending our years of coaching experience backed up by verified

and measurable data. We fast track our juniors progress.

  • Trackman - The best launch monitor

  • Wellputt - #1 golf putting training concepts

  • INRANGE - Smart shot tracking technology


We look at our golf academy been able to offer a long term holistic approach to get our students to the level of golf required to get a golf scholarship in the United States. 

  • Course management - Understanding your game

  • Golf specific - fitness, food and metal readiness

  • Sports psychology - with our chosen provider 

Coaching Team

Our unique concept on Academy Coaching in South Africa has helped our junior golfers achieve much success. 
Each coach looks after a different aspect of the game. Our players are in chosen groups and rotate between coaches.

Junior Academy - main pic copy.jpg

Darren Witter

Swing Coach

Class AAA PGA Professional

Stuart Blackie

Short Game Coach

Class AAA PGA Professional

Jose Da Mota

Course Management & Stats Coach

Class A PGA Professional


Supporting our players beyond golf

Powerblast Training

Warren specializes in sport specific conditioning.
With twenty years training experience. His main focus is speed, power, agility and strength conditioning for all elite athletes in all sporting disciplines.


Upgame is the leading data intelligence and practice tracking platform for golfers in over 10 countries and is trusted by several professional golfers from the PGA & European Tour.

BMT sport consulting

Our focus of Sport Psychology is on the mental toughness development of athletes within a sporting context, with avid evaluation of the athlete’s mental skills, self-awareness, goal setting ability, arousal regulation, sport anxiety, group cohesion & mental toughness aspects.

Coaching hours

Our Junior Academy is held on a Friday.

Three hours of coaching per week.

Eight weeks per term.

A unique academy with an innovative approach to golf coaching. Our academy is divided into three groups, each of which is dedicated to a different aspect of the game. With a focus on short game, swing and course management, our team of experienced coaches will provide you with a holistic golf coaching experience. Each group is further divided according to age, and every hour you will rotate between coaches, allowing you to have personal time with each coach. Let us help you take your game to the next level.


 15:00 - 18:00

"Lessons at the Gets Golf Junior Academy are always fun and informative.  Their instruction and dedication took Danielle’s game to the next level in a very short time, much faster than we ever could have expected.  Danielle loves the team spirit and environment provided by the Gets Golf Coaches & fellow students. The art of Golf is communicated in an easy-to-understand way for the kids; we would highly recommend the Gets Golf Academy to any parents who wish to take their kids’ Golf to the next level."

Cuanita Chong

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