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Putting Training Mats

New Addition

Our putting training mats accurately replicate a medium-to-fast putting green speed and come with innovative visual training aids embedded in the surface that are designed to fine tune your consistency and accuracy on the dance floor. Regular training and coaching at our academy on your Wellputt mat, will help you acquire the ideal gesture by developing your muscle memory.

Lower your scores by training consistency and accuracy

Wellputt 26ft-3

Never up - never in

Wellputt mats feature a good zone just past the hole that encourages the right pace for more putts to fall in the cup!

Develop touch and feel

This premium mat has the quality of roll and speed that is the closest thing you can get to a real-life green; scientifically accurate, allowing you to develop touch and feel you can take to the course.

Wellputt 13ft-2

Develop muscle memory

Wellputt mats feature patented designs that aid you in proper alignment and stroke length for a given distance that trains muscle memory of the perfect stroke, the right speed, and the correct aim.

Train effectively with the Wellputt App

The Wellputt mat training App includes three 18-hole courses with more than 50 exercises that will train you to roll the ball like a pro, with perfect pace, all while having fun, testing your skills, and improving your performance.

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