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Big Tilt

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The BigTilt is a complete putting training solution that provides a player with the opportunity to develop the "Make-it-mindset" by training feel and vision on various slopes from 0% to 5% alongside the Well-line projection system that projects 3 different lines of break according to 3 different speeds. Ideal for a coaching academy. In addition, a player can connect to the BigTilt Pro Max app to access a buffet of exercises and putting drills designed to challenge them in further developing the 3 key pillars of successful putting; Technique, Feel and Performance.

Learn the ways of slope and master your putting


Improve green reading skills

Train your vision to efficiently recognize slopes ranging from 0% to 5% to develop the feel & touch that will get you reading the greens like Jordan Spieth.

Experience the ideal break

The Well-line projection system shows you three different lines of break according to three different speeds. As you train and match each line with pace, your “make-it-mindset” starts to grow.

BigTilt Well-line.jpg
Train feel and touch bigtilt.jpg

Develop touch and feel

The BigTilt offers you 11 different slopes to develop your vision. feel and touch. You see & feel the slope, you visualize the break and deliver the touch.

Challenge yourself with the Wellputt App

The first two pillars of successful putting are technique and feel; the BigTilt Pro Max app delivers exercises, games, and pressure that trains you to perform.

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