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A-Frame Stretch - Golf Fitness

Updated: May 26, 2023

The A-Frame stretch is simple to perform and requires no equipment.

It is a must stretch for both the gym and as part of your warmup routine.

It targets the shoulder, chest, and thoracic spine.

How to perform the A-Frame Stretch

Start in your seven-iron posture.

You then want to bend from your hips. The deeper the squat the better.

Place your elbow on/next to one knee and your hand on the other.

With your free hand reach behind you pointing your arm vertically into the air.

You want to feel the stretch in your shoulder and lat.

Repeat on the opposite side.

A-Frame Stretch Setup
A-Frame Stretch

A-Frame Stretch Top
A-Frame Stretch Top

A-Frame Stretch Side
A-Frame Stretch Side

A-Frame Stretch Side Top
A-Frame Stretch Side Top

As demonstrated by:

Theo Heinrich our Gets Golf PGA Academy trainer.

Powerblast Training.

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