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Ping G430 Max 10k - Review

What makes this driver so special!

Ping released the G430's in 2022 and they are staying current in the line up, so where does the 10K fit into this family of drivers.

It exceeds the 10,000 g-cm² combined MOI threshold making it unique against its rivals, hence the name 10K.

Ping G430 10K
Ping G430 10K

GETS Golf takes a closer look at what makes this the most forgiving and straightest driver ever built by Ping and a standout against other major brands in the game.

The G430 family now consists of four models.

  • MAX

  • LST - Low Spin Technology

  • SFT - Straight Flight Technology

  • Max 10K

Read our review on the Ping G430 family.

The Technology

  • Fixed backweight - Optimized centre of gravity and record setting MOI

  • Largest profile head - While staying within the conforming 460cc

  • Carbonfly Wrap - Reducing spin and increasing MOI

The biggest head of any PING driver. It is very similar to the MAX, the size of the head should inspire confidence at address, but at the same time may be off putting for some.

The 10K has Carbonfly Wrap that was unique to the LST model. This helps further reduce spin and increasing the MOI making it one of the most forgiving drivers we have ever tested.

This driver is almost too easy to hit if there was ever such a thing. While brands continue to push the limits in forgiveness year on year. The 10K truly stands out on miss hits. Across the face you can expect better launch, spin control, ball speed and direction control. The consistency is truly impressive!

The 10K record-setting MOI has a trade-off and that is the movable backweight which is a small price to pay for such. The fixed backweight allows Ping to optimize the clubs centre for gravity. We still have an adjustable hosel.  This gives you eight positions to choose from.

While most forgiving drivers in this category deliver higher spin rates as a trade-off for consistency the 10K delivers a mid-launch with a mid to low spin.


  • Record setting MOI

  • Optimised centre of gravity

  • High ball speed

  • Most accurate driver we have tested


  • Not the longest

  • Truly massive head

  • Fixed backweight

  • Expensive

Looking for forgiveness and accuracy this is the best driver on the market in 2024.

Not the longest but longer than the MAX and a small price to pay for improved accuracy.

This five-star bench setting driver from Ping delivers in every way.


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