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Ping G430 Driver - Review

Ping have finally launched their G430 line of drivers, they are calling them, "A family of drivers for all skill levels."

GETS Golf puts them to the test to help you decide which would suit your game the best.

The G430 family consists of three models.

  • MAX

  • LST - Low Spin Technology

  • SFT - Straight Flight Technology

While the driver looks similar to the previous generation the G425 (which is a good thing) they have a feel of refinement, and we like the splash of colour.

Ping's engineering team have developed and delivered us new technology, which are found in all three models.

The Technology

  • VFT Forged Face Design - Increases ball speed

  • Spinsistency - Variable roll radius technology

  • Internal Rib Structure - Improved sound and feel

  • Moveable back weight - Influencing shot shape by 10 meters


This head stands by its name as it truly maxes out in every way.

It is the most forgiving, it is the most flexible in that it suits a wide range of golfers and is super customizable.

We loved the sound and feel of the 460cc head and the launch we were able to create.

When we moved the 25-gram tungsten weight around we were really impressed with how much of an influence it had on the shot shape.

While testing using our Trackman and matching as best, we could the angle of attack, club path and face to path the driver was able influence shape by as much as eight meters.

With neutral, draw and fade bias options and lofts available from 9° to 12° along with the ability to change lie up to 3° it is difficult to imagine a player can’t find a setting to help them hit a ball straighter and with more confidence.


A new piece of technology that is exclusive to the LST and a word to remember going forward is Carbonfly Wrap.

So, what is it?

It helps save weight and lower the CG of the driver to deliver improved ball speeds with less spin and a higher MOI. A super lightweight composite covers the crown and wraps itself into the heel and toe of the driver.

We enjoyed the smaller size of the LST head coming in at 440cc on it's own its still a beast but very noticeable against the MAX.

We got a different flight and launch from this driver versus the MAX, this would suit players with a higher swing speed. The sound and feel are obviously like the MAX but is felt a little more solid at impact. We were able to create some impressive carry distance differences with this driver against its predecessor the G425. So, for now the Carbonfly delivers on the promise of improved ball speeds.

The lighter tungsten weight of 22-grams has a smaller influence on shot shape as you would expect from a driver looking to cater to your better player.


Draw, draw and more draw.

This is how we feel about the SFT.

This super easy to move right to left driver will help anyone battling with a cut.

Another 460cc head sits nice and square in setup and really builds confidence right from the start. We felt this would be the driver of choice to have a go at a long drive competition at our range.

The SFT is a two-setting driver with its 22-gram weight that delivers twelve meters of right to left shape on the ball and in the second setting or draw plus as Ping say, a further twenty meters of right to left bias. We were able to create some amazing shapes and it’s difficult to lose this driver to the right.

Available in 10.5° with adjustability of up to 1.5° up and down.


  • Something for everyone

  • Carbonfly Wrap

  • Shape adjustability

  • Wide range of stock shafting options


  • Difficult to choose a favourite

  • No Carbonfly in the MAX

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