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Adidas CODECHAOS 22 - Review

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Spikeless shoes are dominating the global market. The CODECHAOS launched in 2020 was a huge hit for Adidas. They are hoping the 22 can take the line even further.

Is this bold coloured trendsetting shoe better than its original?

Let's have a look at see what's changed.

These performance golf shoes are in part made with at least 50% recycled materials. Continuing on with the Adidas promise to end plastic waste. The wraparound outsole improves stance stability and the Twist Grip offers superior traction. The CODECHAOS 22 prove looks can be deceiving, with this tour-level performance yet funky looking shoe.

The 22 has had more than just a facelift.

The Technology

  • Lace closure (Boa available shortly)

  • Molded EVA sockliner

  • Upper contains a minimum of 50% recycled material

  • BOOST midsole

  • Wraparound Outsole

  • Rubber wrapping spikeless outsole with Twist Grip

  • Waterproof

The new tech built into the shoe is the Twist Grip. Through the heel to mid section of the shoe you will notice the side wraps and its these wraps according to Adidas improve grip and performance. This should stop the feeling of your foot spilling out over the sole of the shoe.

Boost Technology by Adidas and a waterproof warranty give you comfort in parting with your hard earned bucks.

Traction is not the best it is not bad, but not the best we have tested.

The likes of the Pro SL by FJ are better in this regard.

This shoe has an incredible all day comfort and you would truly be hard pressed to find a more comfortable golf shoe.


  • Stability

  • Waterproof warranty

  • 50% recycled materials

  • BOOST midsole


  • Traction

  • Bold colours are not for everyone

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