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TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe - Review

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

A tour level ball for non tour players with added 360° CLEARPATH alignment technology.

The question now, is it a tour ball and does the alignment technology work?

With the like of Callaway's triple track and the Srixon divide proving to be popular the TaylorMade is sure to find its supporters.

The Technology

  • Three-piece golf ball

  • 100% cast urethane cover

  • 36% more flexible

  • 12% softer

  • Hi-Spring core

  • 70 compression level

  • Twenty two mm 360° CLEARPATH alignment

GETS Golf put it to the test

The alignment was the first thing we looked at, as this is the main selling point of the ball.

For us unfortunately the print quality was not what we expected from TaylorMade. It seems to be a low quality print and very pixelated on closer inspection.

We worry about how it might stand up through a round of golf.

Look out for a long term review on this ball.

However over the ball on the green the CLEARPATH alignment works as well as we imagined it would. Incredibly easy to line up a putt.

It was easy to putt with confidence and commit to the line with this ball.

In our testing we were able to line up the ball with greater accuracy than a normal golf ball.

Due to this we achieved a better end over end roll.

The feel and performance around the green was very good which is sometimes not the case with balls at this price point. Spin was consistent and very good. It was surprisingly useful on the tee box as well.

Now from the second through to the green is where things start to change for us.

The colour made the ball more difficult to find it was somewhat camouflaged in our opinion.

TaylorMade may need to look to a different colour scheme or options in 2023.

We also felt the ball looked smaller.

The biggest dislike was because the alignment is so bold and noticeable that in play the stripe pointing in different directions worked against us visually.

It was not too bad when completely off but subtly against intended alignment was a major NO for us.

GETS Golf verdict

We think its best to leave this ball for the practice green or practice rounds.

A fantastic practice ball with a premium build quality.

Everyone with alignment and roll issues should give this ball a try.

The ease of find is of particular concern.

Is this a ball or a training aid? We feel TaylorMade is pushing for both.


  • Great golf ball

  • Alignment for putting made easy

  • Well priced


  • Not easy to find

  • Messes with fairway alignment

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