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What is the Future of golf swing analysis?

Golf coaching has changed so dramatically in the last decade it's sometimes difficult to imagine where it may go.

AI Technology in Golf
Future of Golf

There is more readily available information about swing mechanics than ever before. Unfortunately there is too much information that it becomes difficult to sort through the good and the bad.

In this ever-evolving world of golf coaching or skills training, technology has become an essential companion for both amateurs and professionals. Traditional golf video analysis has long been the go-to in swing improvement, but with the advent of innovative technology like Sportsbox AI and TrackMan - with Tracy, the landscape is changing rapidly.

GETS Golf explore the pros and cons of video analysis, and we'll dive into the exciting possibilities offered by Sportsbox AI in shaping the future of swing analysis.

Pros of video analysis

  • Visual Clarity

Traditional video analysis provides a clear visual representation of your swing, allowing for a basic examination of setup, backswing, and impact to name but a few.

  • Immediate Feedback

Coaches can provide instant feedback, making it easier to make adjustments during practice sessions.

  • Accepted standard

Video analysis has been a trusted technology for years, making it widely available and accepted form for swing improvement.

  • Accessible

Video analysis is affordable and accessible, allowing golfers of all skill levels access.

Cons of video analysis

  • Subjectivity

Analysis relies on the expertise of the coach, potentially leading to varying interpretations of swing issues.

  • Limited Data

Video analysis lacks quantitative data, making it challenging to precisely measure and track progress over time.

  • Doesn't Account for Physical Metrics

Video analysis ignores critical physical metrics, like balance and pressure distribution.

  • Not Real-time

While it provides instant feedback, video analysis doesn't offer real-time data during a swing.

GETS Golf sees how the likes of Sportsbox AI and Trackman, are reshaping the way coaches will operate in the future.

  • Precision Measurement

Precise data on swing parameters like pelvis rotation, chest lift, club path, angle of attack and more, enabling golfers to easily measure and quantify their progress accurately.

  • Real-time Feedback

Instant feedback, golfers can make adjustments during practice sessions.

  • Personalized Insights

Creation of tailored recommendations based on the golfer's unique swing characteristics, making them both highly personalized coaching tools.

  • Data-Driven Improvement

The ability to track and analyze data over time allows golfers to make more effective long-term changes to their swings.

Traditional golf video analysis may have already served its purpose.

The future of swing analysis is undoubtedly shifting towards AI-driven solutions like Sportsbox AI and Trackman - with Tracy. The importance of measuring and quantifying results cannot be overstated, as it allows coaches and golfers to make informed, data-driven decisions to improve their game.

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