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Wellstroke - Review

The Wellstroke by Wellputt is one of our favorite putting training aids.

We have seen immediate changes to a client's putting stroke when using the Wellstroke.

The power to visually see a path of stroke and to square the club face at impact truly makes this a must have for all levels of golfer.

GETS Golf has a look at this simple yet powerful training aid.

The Technology

  • Aim your putter like a Pro

  • Hone your stroke and path

  • Perfect contact equals perfect roll

  • Identify technical errors

Improves green reading

Once the stroke is "lined" up on the green and the client can consistently start rolling the ball through the gates at a good speed, if the putt does not drop the alignment needs adjusting.

This helps visualize a putts journey.

The launch direction and the ability to start the ball on the chosen line in relationship with the speed of roll is vital to good putting.

Square club face at impact

The Wellstroke has a bold perpendicular line square to the target ensuring your setup is square at address and impact every time.

Great for demonstrating speed and break

The faster a ball runs on the green the less effected by the slope.

The slower a ball runs on the green the more effected by the slope.

By picking different lines to a hole, you are able to work on your speed control while at the same time how the break of the putt differs, in some cases substantially.

When we use the Wellstroke in conjunction with Trackman Putt we can measure the difference in the total break through the length of the putt.

Builds confidence

The Wellstroke builds your confidence over time.

When you get it through the narrow gate consistently you start trusting your putting stroke more and in turn stop the number of three putts.


  • Powerful visuals

  • Improves club face delivery

  • Green reading tool

  • Builds confidence

  • Able to take the stroke away and just have tees as markers/reminders


  • Can be frustrating when the ball keeps hitting the gate

Look out for our coaching piece on how to get the best out of your Wellstroke.

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