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Titleist Velocity Ball - Review

A Game-Changer for Speed Enthusiasts.

If you're a golfer looking to add more distance to your drives and experience superior ball speed, then the Titleist Velocity golf ball might just be the ball you are looking for.

Titleist Velocity
Titleist Velocity

GETS Golf take a comprehensive look at the technology behind the Titleist Velocity, its pros and cons, and identify the type of golfer who will benefit most from this high-speed golf ball.

Technology - Engineered to maximize distance.

High-Speed LSX Core

At the heart of the Velocity is its LSX core, which is designed to deliver explosive speed off the tee. This low-compression core provides a soft feel while maintaining exceptional ball speed.

NaZ+ Cover

The NaZ+ cover is a proprietary blend that promotes even more speed and distance. It combines a highly resilient ionomer with a fast initial velocity to create a responsive cover for increased or in this case improved shot-stopping control.

Spherically-Tiled 350 Octahedral Dimple Design

The aerodynamics of the Velocity are optimized with a unique dimple pattern. These 350 dimples are arranged in a spherical, octahedral design to reduce drag and improve lift, resulting in a more penetrating ball flight.


  • Impressive Distance - The longest ball on the market.

  • Improved Feel - A surprisingly soft feel around the greens.

  • Affordable - Compared to other premium golf balls on the market.


  • Limited Spin

The Titleist Velocity golf ball is best suited for golfers who are looking for distance. It's an excellent choice for beginners, young and older players looking to improve their game off the tee. If you struggle with distance and want an affordable yet high-performing golf ball, you should try a sleeve.

The Titleist Velocity lives up to its name by offering impressive speed and distance. Its technology-driven design makes it an excellent choice for golfers looking to boost their driving performance. However, if you prioritize spin and precision control, you might want to explore other options in the Titleist lineup.

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