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The R&A making golf easier - exploring the rules of golf.

When it comes to golf rules and etiquette, the official website of The R&A (Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews) is an excellent platform for all golfers.


You can find the website at the following link:

GETS Golf understand the complexities of the rules of golf and know how daunting they can be for golfers, the R&A website and the APP offer a wealth of information to help golfers understand the game better. We highlight some of key features of both the website and the APP.

Key highlights of the website

Rules of Golf:

The R&A website offers a comprehensive guide to the rules. You can access the latest edition of the Rules, along with explanations, interpretations, and instructional videos to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the game.

Etiquette and Pace of Play:

Understanding golf etiquette is essential for an enjoyable round. The R&A provides guidelines on golf etiquette, including how to behave on the course, maintaining pace of play, and showing respect to fellow golfers.


Features a collection of Decisions on the Rules of Golf, which provide further clarifications on specific situations that may arise during a round. These decisions can be particularly helpful when faced with unique scenarios on the course.

Educational and interactive:

A large library of educational materials, including publications and instructional videos, designed to improve your knowledge. The website includes interactive quizzes and assessments that allow you to test your understanding of the rules. These quizzes are a fun and engaging way to learn about the game.

Key highlights of the APP

Easy Access to Rules:

The app provides instant access, allowing golfers to quickly look up specific rules or situations while on the course. It saves time compared to searching through a printed rulebook.

Search Functionality:

A game changer, if anything was going to speed up play this is it. Highly intuitive and easy to find the correct rule.

Personalized Experience:

Users can customize their experience by setting preferences for notifications, content updates, and personalized recommendations.

You can find the APP at the following link:

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