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Ten essential items every beginner golfer needs to have in their bag.

GETS Golf over the years have introduced many beginner golfers to the game of golf.

We often see when taking clients out onto the course for the first time that some of the essentials are missing.

10 Golf Bag Essentials
10 Golf Bag Essentials

As a beginner golfer, having the right equipment in your golf bag will greatly enhance your playing experience. To help you avoid making the same mistake we have compiled a list to help you get started.

Ten essential items every beginner golfer needs

Golf Bag:

Yes we have seen someone arrive without a bag. Choose a golf bag that suits your needs, such as a stand bag or a cart bag. Consider factors like weight, storage capacity, and ease of carrying or transporting.

Golf Clubs:

This goes without question, but we often see clubs missing or left at home. Invest in a complete set of golf clubs.

Golf Balls:

Carry a sufficient number of golf balls in your bag. As a beginner, you may lose balls more frequently, so having extra ensures you can continue playing without interruption.


Pack a selection of golf tees and various lengths. Tees are used to elevate the ball when teeing off, and having a range allows you to adjust the height based on your club and personal preference.

Golf Glove:

Wearing a golf glove provides better grip and control while swinging the club. Invest in a glove that fits your hand comfortably and enhances your feel of the club. (We do understand that this is a preference for golfers.)

Golf Towel:

Keep a golf towel handy to clean your clubs, golf balls, and hands during your round. A clean clubface and ball can improve performance, and a dry grip ensures better control.

Pitch Repair Tool:

This item is often over looked.

Help maintain the course by carrying a pitch repair tool. Use it to repair any pitch marks you create on the green, ensuring the course remains in good condition for all golfers.

Ball Marker:

A ball marker is a coin or object used to mark the position of your ball on the green when it needs to be temporarily removed. It allows other players to putt without obstruction and ensures accurate ball placement.


Keep a pencil in your bag to track your scores during the round.

Sun screen and Water bottle: Staying protected on the course is crucial. A reusable bottle and sun screen are must haves.

Remember, these items are just a starting point, and you can personalize your golf bag based on your preferences and playing style. As you gain more experience, you may add other items such as a rangefinder, extra clothing layers, or an umbrella to your bag.

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