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SPORTSBOX AI - 3D Motion Analysis & Kinematic AI technology

GETS Golf is proud to announce with the integration of cutting-edge 3D golf technology and the powerful analytics of Sportsbox AI a new coaching experience for our golfers. Sportsbox AI allows you to enjoy an unparalleled lesson experience that will take your understanding of the golf swing to new heights.


Personalized Coaching

Sportsbox AI uses advanced algorithms to analyse a golfer’s movements and tendencies, providing GETS Golf with personalized insights for every golfer we coach. Regardless of age and current skill level. This level of individualization ensures that every golfer receives tailored feedback and instruction, maximizing their potential for improvement.

Real-time Feedback

No more waiting! Sportsbox AI provides real-time feedback during lessons. As golfers swing, the system captures data and instantly provides analysis on areas of improvement, helping us make necessary adjustments on the spot. This immediate feedback advances the lesson experience and fast tracks progress through this ground-breaking technology. Enabling our players to make rapid and measurable improvement.

Comprehensive Performance Metrics

With the ability to accurately measure and gain access to a comprehensive set of performance metrics, far beyond what the naked eye can see. Data such as chest turn, pelvis sway, and kinematic sequence are captured and displayed in an easy-to-understand format. These metrics allow our golfers to identify areas of weaknesses visually and physically, leading to targeted training for remarkable progress.

3D Golf Coaching

Accurate 3D biomechanical measurements for every golf swing.

GETS Golf can now analyse your swing both in 2D and 3D.

The ability to quantify the changes between before and after swings.

Progress Tracking and Goal Setting

Sportsbox AI automatically tracks a golfer’s progress over time, storing data from every lesson. This feature allows us to work closely with our golfers and monitor their improvement while setting achievable goals.

GETS Golf's partnership with Sportsbox AI brings a transformative golf coaching experience to all our golfers. As a result, golfers at GETS Golf will enjoy an unmatched lesson experience while accelerating their growth and success on the golf course.

Embrace the future of golf coaching at GETS Golf with Sportsbox AI and 3D golf technology and unlock your full potential. Your journey to becoming a better golfer starts here.

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