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SKLZ Putt Path Gates - Review

Few training aids are as simple yet effective as the SKLZ Putt Path Gates.

GETS Golf loves this training aid and we make use of if to help clients visualize their putt which in turn helps improve their green reading ability.

This training aid improves your putting. The set includes three adjustable gates and a guidebook with drills to help you visualize your starting point, line, and break to help improve your short, medium and long putts.

GETS Golf have put these to the test and below are some of the notable Pros and Cons of the Putt Path Gates.


  • Helps with Alignment - The gates help you focus on your alignment by creating narrow targets for your ball to pass under. This helps you aim your putt more accurately and consistently.

  • Provides instant Feedback - The gates provide immediate feedback on your putts. If your ball hits the gate, you know that your alignment or stroke needs improvement.

  • Ease of Use - The gates are simple to set up and use. They can be adjusted to different widths to match your skill level and improve progressively. when using all three gates to help you visualize the line of the putt start with the narrower gate and finish with the wider one closer to the hole.

  • Speed vs Line - Demonstrating the relationship between speed and line is one of the reasons we enjoy this training so much. To show a client how much a putt may of may not break depending on the speed makes this training aid worth every cent.

  • Portable - The gates are lightweight and easily fit in a golf bag.


  • Requires Space - To get the most out of the gates, you need a green surface with enough space to set them up and practice your putting stroke. Other people around you may not appreciate you dominating a large piece of the practice green.

  • Does not solve core stroke issues - The gates can help with alignment and stroke consistency, but they cannot solve all putting issues. Additional training and coaching may be necessary for more complex problems.

Overall, the SKLZ Putt Path Gates is an excellent training aid for golfers looking to improve their putting skills. The gates help with alignment, provide instant feedback, and are easy to use and transport. However, it's important to keep in mind that the gates require space to be truly effective. With consistent use and practice, the gates help you develop better green reading skills and potentially improve your stroke as well.

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