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Ping G430 Fairway Woods - Review

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Ping have launched their G430 fairway line and have carried forward the successful recipe of the G425's.

GETS Golf tested these and they are super long, even the word long doesn't do them justice.

The Technology

  • Carbonfly Wrap

  • FaceWrap Technology

  • Spinsistency

  • Tungsten Back Weight

  • Trajectory Tuning 2.0

Like the line of drivers, the fairway woods come in three models.

  • MAX

  • SFT

  • LST

Carbonfly Wrap are in all three models, and it promises to delivers more ball speed and it absolutely does. All three models tested further than the G425 line. IMPRESSIVE!

You can expect an effortless higher ball flight and longer carry.

The composite crown allows for the subtle saving in weight (10-grams) which has been used cleverly to lower the CG and increase the ball speed.

We really enjoyed the look and feel of all the models and sound was solid regardless of strike, Maybe the tungsten weighting in the perimeter of the club designed to improve forgiveness has something to do with this. We like the improved shaping on the tungsten weight as it is a little more rounded. It was the one thing we did not like on the G425 model as it tended to catch on the backswing.

The club in setup gives off a feeling of been able to launch the ball, it might however make a few golfers nervous. Especially the one who tends to swing on the steeper side.

Two pieces of technology that made the G425 line so successful have been carried across to the G430's.

FaceWrap and Spinsistency these two help generate a clubface with more flex for faster ball speed and improved launch capabilities. The variable roll radius of Spinsistency improves performance across the face on mishits.

Like the driver the MAX is designed to suit the widest range of golfers and we really enjoyed this model when testing. It offered superb feel and forgiveness.

The SFT is designed to help square the face at impact with its lighter weights. We struggled not to hit this model left but feel it will help eliminate a big right miss that most golfers dread.

The LST was explosive, and the ball flight was very consistent even on mishits. Built for higher swing speeds we could fully appreciate this model.


  • Carbonfly Wrap

  • Longer than G425

  • Spinsistency

  • Shape adjustability

  • Improved weight shape


  • Shallow face - is not for everyone

  • Different to anything else out there (May not sway a buyer)

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