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PGA of South Africa accredited 3-year National Diploma in Club Professional Golfing - Q&A

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

GETS Golf offer a PGA of South Africa accredited 3-year National Diploma in Club Professional Golfing, but what does this mean and who should consider this as their gateway into Professional golf.

Our Academy is based at Randpark Club, all our lecturing, coaching, on course play, physical fitness and equipment needs are delivered on property.

GETS Golf was proud to be intrusted with such an undertaking and backed by the PGA of South Africa to offer this exclusive program.

In our second year of operation, we have seven students and will be looking to grow these numbers year on year.

We often asked who this is designed for, and what opportunities does the three years of study give our students.

PGA Golfer
PGA Academy Student

Joshua Pelser a current second year Academy student answers a few questions.

Q - Why did you join GETS Golf Academy?

A - I joined for the love of the game.

My main goal currently is to become a touring professional while getting work experience within the golf industry. If I don't make it on tour, I want to work in the industry I love. The Academy allows me to play the best golf possible, while finding a love for a certain part of the industry.

Q - What is your favourite subject?

A - Both equipment technology and coaching.

Equipment has become a love, I enjoy researching and understanding equipment, it helps me better understand my bag and ever-changing needs.

Coaching has given me a better understanding of my own swing. It allows me to look at the game differently and I see my friends or playing partners swing in a whole different light.

I would imagine moving into coaching one day.

Q - What makes this game difficult?

A - Decision making is so important!

No matter how much your swing improves its poor decisions at crucial times that can cost so much on the course. The mental part of the game is key and the ability to stay calm or in the moment is an incredibly difficult. I feel I am getting better.

Q - Who would you recommend this Academy for?

A - Anyone who loves the game of golf, whether it is on a professional playing level or for the business side of golf.

Q - GETS Golf allow for an opportunity to get work experience in America at the end of your three years of study, are you looking to take up that opportunity?

A - I will absolutely take the opportunity. One of my dreams is to travel the world and get more experience within the industry. Knowledge and experience are everything and I believe this would help me in more ways than one.

Q - Who is your favourite golfer?

A - Rory McIlroy. I think he has one of the best swings on tour and he is my favourite player, he stays level-headed most of the time and he has a tireless work ethic, he has a vibe and positivity about him which I love.

Q - What do you think of LIV golf?

A - Kind of 50/50 as it’s a very different approach to golf.

They took golf to a different space with entertainment and opened golf to more people and its changed golf. Even though I love the history and traditions of golf.

Anything that increases an interest in golf is good.

Q - What is your ultimate fourball and which course are you playing?

A - Myself, Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, and my dad.

Augusta National.

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