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Odyssey Eleven - One of the best

The new Eleven is a larger headed mallet like many of the mallets from the Odyssey line released in 2022.

This composite design is a pleasure on the eye and visually one of the easiest putters to line up. With the classic heavy steel weights on the base, you know you have an eleven in your hands.

Odyssey make some of the best putters in the business and have such a rich heritage and following that you almost guaranteed that someone in your fourball has one in their bag.

The Eleven in our opinion carries on this legacy. The shape is so close to the famous #7 you could call it inspired but we are hoping it gives us something a little different.

The face

The traditional White Hot insert gives off that amazing clicky sound while feeling solid through impact. The White Hot insert tends to suit this style of putter very well.

The shaft

The new version of the Stroke Lab composite shaft is fitted with the Eleven. The graphite top section with a steel into head tip helps improve accuracy, stability at impact and consistency.

We continue to be a fan of the Stoke Lab shafts.

The hosel

There is a choice of hosels to suit your putting style. Our favourite and the one we tested with has a short offset hosel which creates a 40° mid toe-hang.

The double bend has a 10° toe-hang. There is a centre shaft option as well for those wanting a face balanced option. A putter with such a high MOI though works best with some toe-hang to help square the face at impact.

This is one of the most stable putters we have ever tested.

The head

There are three head options in the Eleven.

A Tour lined version, a plain version and Triple Track.


  • Stroke Lab

  • Different head options

  • High MOI

  • Easy alignment


  • May feel heavy for some

This is an easy to align putter with maximum stability at impact.

New Stroke Lab shaft technology.

Visually very appealing, this is one of the best putters of 2022.

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