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Mizuno Pro 245 Irons - Review

Blurring the lines between Game Improvement and Tour Performance.

Mizuno Pro 245
Mizuno Pro 245

Mizuno fans, brace yourselves! The new Mizuno Pro 245 irons have arrived, and they're set to redefine your expectations of game improvement irons.

GETS Golf, will explore who these irons are made for and delve into the cutting-edge technology that make these not just a golf club but a work of art.

The Technology

Grain Flow Forged

Grain Flow Forged process ensures a buttery soft feel, often associated with tour-level irons. Softest feel in golf due to the soft copper underlay, a microlayer of copper beneath the nickel chrome.

Tungsten Weights

In the two iron through to the seven iron for enhanced ball speeds and higher ball flight.


Allowing for higher ball speeds due to the thinner face.

We believe the MP 245 irons are designed for a broad spectrum of golfer, making them an incredibly versatile option. These irons are a fantastic choice for those who want the forgiveness and ease of a game improvement iron while still enjoying the feel and control typically found in tour irons. Whether you're a mid-handicapper looking to refine your game or a low-handicap player searching for extra help on off-center hits, the Pro 245s have something to offer.

Build Design


These irons are made from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel, which enhances the soft feel and precise feedback.

Progressive Set Design

The set gradually transitions from a hybrid-like long iron with extra forgiveness to more traditional short irons for control and precision.

Satin Nickel Finish

The sleek satin nickel finish not only looks appealing but also reduces glare in bright conditions. Now available in Special edition black ion.

Mizuno irons through the different models are so well thought out and in harmony with each other that they tend to be the leaders in the blended sets space. However we feel Mizuno have taken this one step further and have accomplished the perfect blend in the 245's. This progressive set design truly sets it apart from the competitors.

Mizuno says its a blade from every angle and we agree!

"The Mizuno Pro 225 packs its high launching performance within a genuine blade looking profile – at address as well as the bag. Even more compact through the set than the original HMB. Especially noticeable in the mid & short irons."


  • Feel and Control - The irons offer a remarkable combination of forgiveness and feel. You get the sensation of a tour iron with the forgiveness of game improvement.

  • Workability - Despite being game improvement irons, these allow skilled players to shape shots.

  • Versatility - Suited for a wide range of players, these irons cater to both mid and low handicappers.


  • Price - As premium clubs, the MP 245 irons might not be budget-friendly for some golfers.

  • Complete beginners May Struggle - due to the progressive nature.

  • Hybrid-like Long Irons - Some may not appreciate the look of the long irons.

The Mizuno Pro 245 irons are a masterful blend of performance and playability, allowing a wide range of golfers to experience the best of both worlds. The exceptional technology, progressive set design, and overall feel make them a strong contender for players seeking irons that offer forgiveness without sacrificing the characteristics of a tour iron. However, their price and the specific needs of beginners or high handicappers may pose some considerations. If you're a golfer seeking that perfect balance, the Mizuno Pro 245 irons are a remarkable choice.

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