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Mizuno JPX923 Tour - Review

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

The Mizuno JPX line are getting better with every version.

Still one of Mizuno's most widely used models in professional golf.

The JPX923 are some of the best-looking irons on the market through all its different head options.

Mizuno JPX Tour
Mizuno JPX923

GETS Golf takes a closer look at the Tour iron.

The Technology

  • V-Chassis - allows for a thinner topline

  • Harmonic impact technology

  • Copper underlay - for improved feel

This one-piece grain flow forged iron produces unparalleled feel.

This shallow cavity iron is designed for professional golfers and elite amateurs.

This is one of the best player's iron for 2023.

It is not one of the longest irons around and if its length that you are looking for this iron might not be for you.

However, this iron comes out tops with respect to forgiveness and accuracy.

So, to be fair this iron has been designed and engineered for precision, feel and accuracy.

Nothing beats the feel of a Mizuno iron, and the Tour iron didn't let us down.

The other models in the line-up also offer incredible feel even the HL model impressed us.

The V-Chassis Mizuno says, "Delivers a more solid feel even though the clubface is thinner, It delivers a muscleback vibration and feel from a cavity design."


  • Best players iron of 2023

  • Feel, forgiveness, and accuracy

  • Good looking iron with a classic design


  • Short compared to other elite player irons

GETS Golf can see why the Mizuno JPX923 Tour is the preferred choice for so many

high-level golfers. This iron delivers on the blade look and feel. While producing an incredibly consistent and forgiving iron.

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