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GETS Golf - A premier practice, play, and golf coaching experience.

Gets Golf is based at the Randpark Driving Range.

Powered by Inrange technology, offers a must-visit experience for golf enthusiasts in South Africa. With its floodlit two-tier facility, world-class golf coaching, and a commitment to catering to all levels and ages, Gets Golf at Randpark Driving Range is undoubtedly one of the best golfing destinations in the country.

State-of-the-Art Facility

The Randpark Driving Range features a cutting-edge facility that sets it apart from other golfing destinations, a premier practice, play, and golf coaching experience. The floodlit two-tier driving range allows golfers to practice day or night, offering extended hours for training. The facility is equipped with the latest Inrange technology, providing accurate and real-time feedback on ball flight, distance, and shot dispersion. The Inrange system enhances practice sessions and enables players to track their progress effectively. The Inrange multiplayer takes your range experience to a whole new level with the ability to play famous courses from around the world through its highly intuitive simulation experience.

Inrange courses
Inrange courses

World-Class Coaching

The Academy's commitment to excellence extends to its coaching staff. Gets Golf have highly skilled, industry recognized and experienced coaches who cater to golfers of all levels and ages. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or a player aiming to take your game to the next level, the coaching team of PGA qualified Professional's at Gets Golf provide personalized instruction tailored to individual needs. Their expertise ensure that every golfer receives the guidance necessary to reach their full potential.

Uniquely GETS Golf

  • PGA Academy - Three Year National Diploma in Club Professional Golfing

  • Accredited by the PGA of South Africa

  • Full-time golf and study program

  • Els for Autism - Gauteng

  • In School Junior Academy

  • Junior Clinics

  • Wellputt - South Africa

Golf Lessons Near Me
Coaching facilities

Lessons are conducted on the range and at the Clubs expansive short-game practice facilities. From junior clinics all the way through to a full-time golf academic program Gets Golf has your golfing needs covered.

All-Inclusive Experience

Beyond the Driving Range and coaching experience, the facility offers additional amenities such as practice greens, chipping areas, and a bunker area. Golfers can work on all areas of the game to improve their skills to enhance their overall performance on the course. The facility also features a golf shop and clubhouse, providing a complete and enjoyable experience for members and visitors.

The facility hosts various events, tournaments, and social gatherings, offering opportunities for golfers to connect, compete, and enjoy the sport together. These events not only enhance the sense of community but also provide valuable exposure and experiences for golfers seeking to develop their skills in an inclusive and safe environment.

Randpark Club
Randpark Club

Junior Development

Recognizing the importance of nurturing young talent, Gets Golf offers a variety of junior development programs. These initiatives cater to aspiring young golfers, providing them with proper guidance and training from a young age. With a focus on developing technical skills, fostering a love for the game, and nurturing a competitive spirit in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Els for Autism
Els for Autism

PGA Academy

Three-year National Diploma in Club Professional Golfing

Looking for a career in golf then the GETS Golf PGA Academy is for you.

This full-time elite golf performance Academy combines with the PGA of South Africa in delivery golf specific education. Students have the best opportunity to take their golf to a professional level while studying and working towards a position within the golf industry.

PGA Golf Diploma
PGA Golf Diploma

Career options within the industry are vast and due to PGA Membership been internationally recognized there are many international positions available.

GETS Golf afford their students international working experience in the United States of America on completion of their academic studies.

Career options:

  • Golf coach

  • Director of golf

  • Club fitter

  • Greenkeeper

Visit Gets Golf at the Randpark Driving Range for an immersive and world-class golfing experience that will elevate your game to new heights.

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