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Four Common Putting Mistakes

Week in week out we come across clients struggling with their putting and worst of all practicing WRONG!

If you feel you are taking to many putts you might be making one of these mistakes.

1 - Inconsistent Ball Position

Ball position is vital to good putting, we see far too many clients getting this simple thing wrong.

If the ball position varies so will the impact position of the putter. This can lead to differing launch directions, roll and loft at impact.

To get a consistent roll on the ball, it needs to be struck with an ascending strike, just below the equator. A square club face at impact and an accelerating movement through the ball. To do this, the ball position needs to be exactly the same every time.

TIP: For ball position a good starting point is to get the ball just forward of centre.

2 - Poor Concept

Advice is often thrown around in a fourball, that's golf its why we love it and its why we play. However, this second-hand information or "this worked for me once" leads to mistakes and flaws within their own stroke.

A lot of clients don't understand the putting stroke.

The most common fault we see is the belief that a putting stroke must be straight back and straight through. (This is often compounded with the wrong style of putter in hand)

The putting stroke should resemble part of a circle on an inclined plane.

TIP: Work on your face angle being square at impact.

3 - Alignment

Like ball position we see a lot of unnecessary mistakes been made.

Often an open club face. When the putter is set behind the ball, it needs to be aimed square to the line you intend the ball to start on.

Your eyes know where they want the ball to start. When your alignment is off, your brain makes adjustments to your stroke in the effort/attempt to correct it.

TIP: Draw a line on the ball or a ball designed specifically for alignment. (Read our review on the TaylorMade Tour Response Stand behind the ball and point the line on the ball towards the starting line.

4 - Analysis paralysis

Putting without question has a skill and technique involved. Been a good putter does not only rely on a good stroke.

Getting caught up on the technique of the putting stroke without been backed up by good green reading and speed control won’t translate into more putts made.

Most golfers struggle more with their speed control than they do their launch direction.

TIPS: Mix up your putting practice and don't get caught only practicing your stroke. Practice your green reading.

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