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The Pro|SL Sport is a shoe carrying on the legacy of the line.

GETS Golf tried out these high-performance golf shoes and they did not disappoint.

Do they improve on the family name though?


The Pro SL's have been with us since 2016 and have from its inception proved to be one of if not the best value for money golf shoes on the market.

The new Pro|SL Sport is sportier as the name potentially insists and is possibly aimed at a younger demographic. They still portray its classic silhouette. With new material and improved looks these are possible the best-looking shoes on the market, but do they deliver in the performance department.

Let’s have a look.

The Technology

  • Infinity outsole

  • Stratofoam

  • Breathable waterproof mesh

The Pro|SL Sport has improved comfort due to FJ introducing their new Stratofoam in the midsole which is designed to absorb a lot of shock allowing for incredible comfort and walking support in all conditions. We did find these to be incredibly comfortable.

The infinity outsole offer what FJ say is superior traction due to a 17% increase in surface area in the heel for enhances ground contact. The Pro|SL Sport is supposedly the most stable spikeless shoe they have brought to market.


We agree and disagree at the same time, let us explain. These shoes delivered fantastic performance and traction but at the same time we didn’t feel there was a notable difference to previous models. Take that as a good or a bad thing.

FJ promises these shoes will be 100% waterproof in normal use for two years. Please check on your local warranties in this regard.

The waterproof mesh still allows for good breathability while enhancing the structure and support of the shoe. It difficult to explain how the upper feels but we appreciate the workmanship in the feel and build quality. The hotmelt top layer is maybe the perfect way to describe the feel, it is like a melted rubber/plastic feel.


  • 100% waterproof

  • Good traction

  • Superior comfort


  • Very little difference between previous models

This is a top performing golf shoe, however unless your current shoes are getting old or you in the hunt for a new waterproof shoe, we would recommend you consider waiting for a price drop as the differences are negligible to previous models.

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