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Driving Golf expertise through education

The PGA of South Africa offers two pathways to education and ultimately Membership.

PGA Pathway to Membership
PGA Pathway to Membership

There are two ways in which you can qualify as a PGA member.

One is to do the PGA’s academic programme as a student at a tertiary institution and then gain practical experience as an apprentice; the other is to join the PGA as an apprentice member.

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GETS Golf is an accredited education service provider for the PGA of South Africa.

GETS Golf offers through is partnership with the PGA of SA an internationally recognized opportunity for aspiring golf professionals. This pathway includes a three-year national diploma in club professional golfing, registered with SAQA at NQF level 5.

Whilst providing comprehensive training, lecturing, personal development, game improvement, tournament planning, physical readiness in its full-time golf Academy aimed to drive expertise in golf.

Upon completion of this program, graduates open doors to a world of job opportunities within the golf industry. These opportunities are diverse and include positions such.

  • Head Professional at Golf Club

  • Golf Coach

  • Director of Golf at Golf Club

  • Golf Club Manager

  • Rules Official

  • Golf Event Manager

  • Education

  • Golf Management company offering management advice to golf clubs

  • Greenkeeper

In today's golf industry, there is a noticeable demand for skilled professionals, and the shortage of knowledgeable experts in the field. Therefore, pursuing education through GETS Golf not only equips individuals with valuable skills but also positions them well in a sought-after industry that operates on a global scale.

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