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Cleveland HB Soft Milled 1 - Review

The Cleveland HB Soft Milled 1 blade putter is regarded as one of the best putters in 2023.

For exceptional feel and performance. This blade design with subtle toe hang gets put to the test.

HB Soft Milled 1
HB Soft Milled 1

A brand often overlooked in the putting department or in our opinion so overlooked that a good number of our clients don't even know that Cleveland make putters let alone some of the best in the business.

With Scotty Cameron and Odyssey often stealing the lion's share of public interest.

Cleveland putters deserve a second look though, they are competitively priced and are packed with industry leading build quality and technology.


  • Speed optimised face technology

  • All-IN shaft options from UST Mamiya

  • Milled heads

  • Stroke-fit

Speed optimised face technology assists in normalizing ball speed across the putter face.

Allowing for improved distance control regardless of strike point. This creates confidence in one's putting stroke and eliminates the worry of a mishit and the generally drop in ball speed on blade putters. Feel off the face has improved and is more responsive.

UST Mamiya shaft upgrade options create an already impressive putter and helps take it to a new level.

UST Mamiya
UST Mamiya

However, this dramatically increases the cost of the putter. We see the likelihood of future generations coming in with this as a standard option.

The All-IN shaft offers an optimally balanced design by making use of a high-tensile carbon fibre and nanoalloys to add stiffness, strength, and consistency. A stronger shaft with better balance flexes less during your stroke and at impact.

Milled heads give an unmatched feel and consistency off the face.

These heads are first cast from soft 304 stainless steel, and they are then CNC milled for precise weighting, and cleaner lines. This milling process reduces waste and lowers the cost of production making it possible for you to experience a milled face at a fraction of the cost.

Stroke-fit simply matches a grip design to fit the intended stroke of the putter.


  • Precision Control - The blade design offers excellent control and feel, allowing golfers to easily gauge distance and direction on the greens.

  • Quality Craftsmanship - Cleveland's attention to detail in design and construction ensures high-quality manufacturing, resulting in a putter that feels premium.

  • Versatility - While ideal for golfers who prefer a blade-style putter with a slight toe hang, the Milled 1's balanced design makes it suitable for a wide range of golfers.


  • ALL-IN shaft - comes at an additional cost.

  • Currently lacks the marketing or the "cool factor".

The Cleveland HB Soft Milled 1 is one of, if not the best blade putters of 2023.

Not best value for money category but simply the best overall!

A slight toe hang with improved feel and speed optimised face technology makes for a compelling option.

GETS Golf gives this putter a five out five.

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