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Best value for money golf balls

GETS Golf helps you cut through the hooks and slices by picking the four best value for money golf balls on the market.

When giving lessons we are often asked which ball is best.

The most common questions are:

  • Which ball suits my swing speed?

  • Which ball is within my budget?

  • Which ball is best around the green?

  • Which ball is best for distance?

We decided to base this on four criteria. First budget of course. Secondly long and short game performance. Thirdly average/slower swing speeds and last but not least durability.

Srixon Distance

This two-piece model boasts a softer compression than its predecessor.

Srixon designed this ball to deliver optimum distance through greater initial velocity and a higher launch angle for a penetrating ball flight.

Srixon further reduced the drag on this ball by having a massive 108 less dimples than before, this improves performance in all wind conditions. This is one of the most durable covers on the market engineered for greater cut-proof durability.

We found this ball to be pleasant out on the course and it does travel along way. It was particularly good into the wind. Obviously, the feel is very hard, and the feedback was somewhat mixed. This is expected from a ball designed with one thing in mind distance. It was not a complete rock around the green. This is a well-priced durable ball and great value for money.


  • Durability

  • Distance

  • Solid ball flight


  • Hard

  • Green performance

Callaway Supersoft

This two-piece model with low compression is designed for those players looking for a softer feel while swinging the club at average swing speeds.

This ball boasts a new hybrid cover that improves overall distance and durability while still maintaining feel around the greens. It really is good around the greens. The HEX dimple pattern reduces drag while increasing lift, this allows for better launch and control for slower swing speeds.

We enjoyed the balls response around the greens and in particular coming in with the likes of a hybrid. The feel was solid from tee to green this ball is a solid performer. Clever placement of the balls name made for a handy alignment tool.


  • New hybrid cover

  • Quality allrounder

  • Super green performance


  • Only for average swing speeds

  • Tends to scuff with wedges

Titleist Tour Speed

The first three-piece ball to make it on our list.

This ball has fooled us before into thinking it’s a premium ball, that's how good it is.

This second generation offering from Titleist is even better. The best high performing ball in the budget category. We feel this ball is aimed at a player looking for more distance and not necessarily more spin. This ball provides exceptional green side performance, and it does prove difficult to separate it from the likes of Titleist's premium balls.

The high flex casing layer with a reformulated core helps generate higher balls speeds with less spin on the longer shots. A solid and penetrating ball flight gives confidence in all weather conditions. We noticed that the ball launched higher than is predecessor. You feel like a tour player with this ball. It does not have as much spin control around the greens when compared to a premium model but that is expected and may suit some players/conditions. A mid-priced ball has to give it up somewhere.

This is our pick of the budget balls.


  • Tour quality feel

  • Penetrating ball flight

  • Above average greenside performance


  • Less spin than a premium ball

Srixon Soft Feel

Much like the AD333 this ball is much loved and one of the most popular balls on the planet.

This two-piece ball is really soft, it is designed for slower swing speeds who can’t afford to give up on distance but demand good greenside performance.

FastLayer Core remains in the latest version of this ball which helps deliver improved ball speeds and less sidespin. This ball like many above look to reduce drag and increase lift for improved wind performance. This ball was a little soft for us, but we can appreciate its feel around the greens and high ball flight. This truly is a premium ball for slower swing speeds making it hard to beat. We expect to see this ball for many years to come.


  • Slower swing speeds

  • Twelfth generation

  • Quality and durable cover

  • Greenside performance

  • Longer than predecessor


  • Too soft for average/faster swing speeds


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